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 U.S.-Israel Binational Science Foundation


Special Issue Editor


 Chinese Social Psychological Review (Vol. 4)


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 Chinese Social Psychological Review (2005 - present)

 Frontiers in Psychology (2017 - present)


Ad Hoc Journal Reviewer


 Asian Journal of Social Psychology

 Behavior Research Methods

 Current Directions in Psychological Science

 European Journal of Psychological Assessment

 Frontiers in Psychology

 Industry and Management Forum

 Journal of Management and Organization

 Journal of Personality

 Journal of Personality and Social Psychology

 Journal of Research in Personality

 Management and Organization Review

 Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin


 Social and Personality Psychology Compass


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 Academy of Management (IM and OB Divisions)

 International Association for Conflict Management


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 Academy of Management (CM, IM, and OB divisions)

 Asian Association of Social Psychology

 International Association for Conflict Management

 International Association for Chinese Management Research